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At Shortek Electronics , we don’t just provide products, we provide solution. It has a truly impressive range of Power Protection Systems, which are built specifically around the needs of its customers. These are Pure Sine wave Inverter, CFL Tube, Stabilizer, LED Lamp, Mobile Phone Chargers, Car Charger, Batteries, Bike Chargers, SMPS Adaptors and AC/DC Adaptors of various range used in Electronic Products. All Shortek Electronics products receive an overwhelming response from the market because they set new standards of performance within their specific categories, Shortek Electronics attempts to create products that are most relevant to the lives of people. Each of these products is the culmination of intensive market research on consumer requirements tastes and preferences. Shortek Electronics is a provider of high quality Power Protection for your valuable IT equipment. Installing an Shortek Electronics Uninterruptible Power Supply will prevent damage caused by frequent power outages often resulting in hardware failure and software corruption or complete loss. Both large and small businesses are becoming more and more reliant on a utility power supply that is pushed beyond its capacity. Despite advances in the capabilities of modern personal computers, a momentary power outage is still all it takes to lose your data. More dangerous is the loss of previously written files, or even an entire hard disk, which can occur should a power problem strike while your computer is saving a file. Network fileservers constantly writing to disk are particularly susceptible. Strong product knowledge is the cornerstone of Amvera business. TheAmverateam consists of experienced, reliable IT specialists who take ownership of each and every installation and upgrade.

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CFL Tube

A compact fluorescent(CFL) lamp is energy saving light.CFL use one-fifth to one third the electric power.

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AC adapters are used with devices that need power but do not contain internal components to derive the required voltage.

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